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    • The application of travertine elements in furniture

      Although the styles in the furniture field are ever-changing, various styles emerge in an endless stream, and consumers’ tastes are changing with each passing day, we have found that one principle is eternal: people always prefer materials with natural elements. For example, wood, stone, ma...

    • Which is better, natural marble or artificial marble?

      1. Natural marble Advantages: Natural patterns, good hand feel after polishing, high hardness, much more wear-resistant compared to artificial ones, not afraid of coloring, with pores that can penetrate. Disadvantages: Some parts have radiation, natural stones are brittle, have low flatness, and ...

    • Home health: Follow us to create healthier living spaces

      The living room is the heart of the home, where families and friends gather to share meals and create memories.  See some of our products style classic and timeless, Something warm and welcoming! Step inside: https://www.sinotxj.com  

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