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    • We celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival together!

      The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major Chinese festivals, alongside the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year. This year, the festival falls on June 10th. As we celebrate this festival, we also wish you good health, happiness, and prosperity!

    • EN12520 is a very important standard

      EN 12520 refers to the standard testing method for indoor seats, which aims to ensure that the quality and safety performance of the seats meet the standard requirements. This standard tests the durability, stability, static and dynamic loads, structural life, and anti tipping performance of seat...

    • Why does solid wood need to be veneered?

      The main purpose of pure solid wood veneer is to present a more perfect construction process and bring different visual effects to people. It can also effectively prevent furniture from deformation and moisture.   The texture of pure solid wood furniture itself may not be clear enough. Afte...

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