2021 Furniture Fashion Trend

01 Cold grey system

Cool color is a steady and reliable tone, which can make your heart calm, stay away from the noise and find a sense of peace and stability. Recently, Pantone, the global color authority, launched the trend color disc of home space color in 2021. The extreme gray tone symbolizes calm and fortitude. The extreme gray with unique charm is calm and low-key, maintains a proper sense of propriety, and highlights the overall sense of advanced.


02 The rise of retro style

Like history, fashion is always repeating. The nostalgic revival style of the 1970s has quietly hit, and will be popular again in the trend of interior design in 2021. Focusing on nostalgic decoration and retro furniture, integrating modern aesthetic layout, it presents a nostalgic charm with a sense of time precipitation, which makes people never get tired of seeing it.