5 Trending Colors Designers Spotted for Summer

Neutral bedroom with yellow vase and flowers.

When it comes to decorating and refreshing a space, it’s no question that the season heavily impacts your design choices. There are dozens of colors that always scream “summer,” and as Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney puts it, summer colors are calling out to be used this time of year.

“My motto for decorating is ’live outside the lines,’ which is all about embracing color,” Quinn explains. “When it comes to creating a fun and vibrant space filled with summery colors, cohesion and balance are key.”

With this in mind, we turned to a few more of our favorite designers and color experts to ask them for their top pics for trending colors this sunny season.


Designer Breegan Jane tells us she’s all about the terracotta, especially since it so beautifully reflects nature in the summertime.

“Pairing a burnt orange with more muted tones, whites, or creams creates a really beautiful, summertime vibe,” Jane says. “When in doubt, think of the water, sun, and sand for inspiration in nearly any space.”

Soft Pinks

Alex Alonso of mr. alex TATE Design says that he’s all about the soft pinks this season.

“As of late, we’ve had a lot of clients leaning into soft pinks when we recommend them,” Alonso tells us. “There’s something about a slightly worn pink that is feeling right for summer.”

Christina Manzo of Decorist wholeheartedly agrees. “I love the soft blush pink that is popping up in design this summer,” she says. “Whether this is used in wall paint or as a focal point with a gorgeous blush pink sectional, it is the perfect addition to any space for that light, airy, and timeless feel. It seamlessly works in any aesthetic and complements various trends.”

Shades of Green

Along with soft pinks, Alonso says he also has a soft spot for muted greens.

“With green, the deep, saturated hues are a bit harsh, so the wistful allure of a sandy, faded green is just the vibe we’re all feeling,” Alonso explains. “It complements a timeless, eclectic décor or an of-the-moment sentiment with just the right amount of mystery.”

Courtney Quinn of Color Me Courtney agrees. “I’ve always been a huge fan of green (I once unsuccessfully campaigned to change Kelly Green to Courtney Green) so I’m really excited that it has been on trend this season,” she says. “BEHR’s Congo is a nice, natural shade that helps bring the liveliness of my favorite plants and outdoor greenery indoors for an energizing yet calming boost.”


“I’ve been seeing yellow pop up in kitchen cabinets, bold hallways, and unexpected accent chairs,” Manzo says. “I am loving this surprising trend because it adds such joy to the spaces it is used. My favorite is to see the color brought into the kitchen, whether with cabinetry, backsplash tile, or a bold patterned wallpaper.”

Quinn agrees. “One great color in my summer palette is yellow, which is a really positive and uplifting color that reminds me of sunshine or a summer bonfire.”


When it comes to pairing any tone this season, Quinn says metallics are always a match made in heaven.

“I love merging bold, vivid colors like BEHR’s Breezeway with luxe metallics to bring balance into a space,” Quinn shares. “My favorite metallics right now are BEHR’s Metallic Champagne Gold and Metallic Antique Copper, which add a premium finish to a fun and colorful space.”

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Post time: Jul-29-2022